Caring For Your Feet When You Play Sports

If you play a sport that has you putting a lot of stress on your feet, then it is important that you take extra steps to care for your feet. This will help you to feel better between practices and games. It will also decrease your chances of developing certain foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis. In order to learn about some of the things you can do to take better care of your feet when you play sports, you'll want to read the information provided below.

Wear the Right Shoes

When you are involved in sports, it can be hard to find the sports shoes you need for the sport you play that fit perfect. However, it's extremely important for you to make sure you do everything that you can to do just this. Wearing shoes that don't fit right can lead to injuries. It will also leave your feet hurting after each game and practice session. Take the extra time and spend the extra money to ensure you are wearing the shoes designed for that sport and that fit you perfectly. It's best to buy your shoes at an actual store instead of online. This way, you will be able to try them on in person and verify that they feel right.

Ice Your Feet After Each Practice and Game

Every time you get home from practice or after a game, you should pamper your feet by icing and massaging them. You can do this by rolling frozen plastic water bottles filled with ice under them. Put a frozen bottle under both feet and slowly roll your feet forward and then backward, allowing the bottle to massage the bottoms of your feet while the coolness of the ice helps to fend off inflammation caused by putting a lot of stress on your feet.

Invest in a Foot Spa

You can purchase a foot spa to really pamper your feet. The foot spa is a small tub that's large enough for your feet and some water. You will fill it with water, stick your feet in it and turn it on. It will cause a vibrating and whirlpool sensation to occur that's very relaxing and therapeutic for your feet. You want to use a foot spa anytime you feel like your feet need a little spoiling. You can use the foot spa instead of the plastic bottle ice treatments anytime you choose.

The tips above will help you care for your feet when you are involved in sports that tend to be hard on them. If you ever feel new pain or other worrisome symptoms then its a good idea to see a foot specialist to rule out serious problems or to begin necessary treatment. Professionals, like those at Better Foot Care, know how best to treat sore feet.