Foot Pain Can Cause Problems With Other Joints: How To Handle Common Foot Issues

When you are suffering with foot pain, it can be difficult to manage your daily life. If the foot pain is moderate, you may find that you can still walk around but that you have a limp. Whether your foot pain is caused by falling arches, inadequate support, or bunions that need intervention, it's important to visit with a podiatrist if you find yourself in pain when you try to walk. Getting help now can prevent further injuries to your skeletal system and allow you to become more mobile without pain.

When Pain Is Causing a Limp

It's never good to have a limp. When you favor one side of your body over the other, you will begin to throw off your whole system. Your back, hips, knees and ankles can all have problems if you are walking by putting less pressure on one side. You may find that you are experiencing hip pain that doesn't seem to have an explanation. If you favor your left foot, for example, this can cause added strain on the right side of your body.

Orthotics May be Suggested

The first line of defense many people reach for are store bought orthotic supports for their shoes. While these help if you have mild pain in your feet, you might need custom made orthotics provided by a podiatrist. Your doctor will measure your feet and use molds that form around your foot so that supportive orthotics can be made to fit perfectly to your foot. When your feet hurt because they have uneven support, orthotics will help ease the pain.

If You Have Bunions

Bunions are formed when there is a problem with the lower joint in your big toe. While some people experience no pain from bunions, others find that the pain is unbearable. Bunions can form over time, or people can be born with them. Bunions are treated with the most conservative treatment first, starting with anti-inflammatory medications and orthotics. If this doesn't work and the pain is severe, your doctor may suggest surgery to correct your bunions and restore your feet to proper alignment.

When you are walking with foot pain, you can cause problems with the joints of your hips, lower back, and knees. If you are experiencing pain that is due to an imbalanced gait, it's time to meet with a podiatrist, like those at Collier Podiatry PA, who can get you walking smoothly again.