When Should You See A Foot Specialist? 3 Signs It’s Time

A podiatrist, or foot specialist is a physician that specializes with anything to do with the foot and ankle area. If you have a break or sprain, or other foot issues, you should seek help from a specialist. If you aren't sure when you should seek help from a specialist, or just go to your regular physician, read on for a few signs that it's time to get to the podiatrist to help you with your foot issue. Read More 

Using A Splint Device To Treat Bunions

If you have bunions and do not want to go through a surgical operation at this time, then you can think about non-surgical options that include the use of a bunion splint. This is a product that requires a customized fit and your podiatrist can assist you with this. Continue reading to find out more about the splint and how to use it.  What Is a Bunion Splint? A bunion splint is a product that is meant to prevent or prolong the need for surgical intervention. Read More